Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Swimming Machine

Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Swimming Machine


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Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Swimming Machine

  • Regarded as the best counter current swimming machine on the market
  • Swim endlessly without turning
  • Remotely controlled
  • Minimum depth of 38 inches = 3 feet
  • Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • Easily installed
  • Can be fitted in virtually any pool
  • Free UK delivery

The average domestic pool is a great place to cool off, splash around and socialise. However for swimming and exercise half a dozen strokes brings you to the end and you have to turn and start again.  The Fastlane counter current by Endless Pools is a patented, variable speed swim current which can easily transform a pool normally too small for a good swim.  Wall mount or deck mount models are available for new construction or retrofits.

The patented Fastlane is a swim current generator for your swimming pool that is similar to a treadmill, which allows you to swim for miles without moving an inch.  Easily installed in virtually any pool, the Fastlane creates a smooth current that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.  Ideal for swimming equatic exercise and rehabilitation, the Fastlane makes exercise easy and fitness fun.

The unique Fastlane system produces a non-turbulant current that can be set to a speed to suit any swimming or exercise ability.  Anyone can learn to use the Fastlane in moments regardless of age or fitness level.  The Fastlane’s highest speed challenges the best competitive swimmer, yet the current can easily be adjusted to suit the beginner and everyone in between.

We have a great range of Counter Currents and Water Features available here on the Products4Pools website. We are a well established business with years of experience in bringing you only the best pool accessories, parts and supplies for your home or commercial pools. Our Counter Currents and Water Features are brought to you from the industry leading manufacturers like Badu, Pahlens and Flexinox. The Fastlane Counter Current is ideal for your home pool. Whatever you need for your home Swimming Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub, you will find it here on the Products for Pools website.


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