Plumbing and Fittings

Plumbing and Fittings

We have one of the best selections of swimming pool plumbing and fittings to choose from, like PVC Pool Pipes, Pool Hoses, Pool Valves and Pool Jet Fittings. No matter what fitting you need for your home or commercial swimming pool installation, Products for Pools can supply you with it.

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Sundry Pipe Fittings Expanding Plug
Linerlock and Underlay for Rounded Corners
Grey PVC Pipe and Fittings - 11⁄2"
Grey Flexfit Fittings - 50mm Compression
Swimmer Black Poolfit Fittings - 50mm Compression
Other White ABS Fittings

Other White ABS Fittings

Certikin Wall Inlets - Liner
ABS and PVC Wet/Dry Fastcure Adhesive
Certikin Wall Vacuum Fittings - Liner
PVC-U Cleaners, Silicone and Sundries
Grey PVC Pipe and Fittings - 25mm
Heat Bonded Patch Self Adhesive Patch
Swimmer Black Poolfit Fittings - 63mm Compression

Certikin Commercial Fittings

Hydrostatic Relief Valves

Hydrostatic Relief Valves

Grey PVC Pipe and Fittings - 1⁄2"
Suncell Connectors (Flexible)

Suncell Connectors (Flexible)