Swimming Pools for the Home and Garden

In the last two decades, a new style of pool has gained popularity. New swimming pools built with contemporary designs and an awe of comfort add a common feel to our swimming pool kits.

Indoor Swimming Pools for the Home

an-indoor-swimming-pool-overlooking-the-gardenIn Britain, many large homes are now being built with indoor pools. Whether in the Conservatory or even in the Basement, property developers are beginning to cotton on to what we at ‘Products for Pools’ realized quite some time ago – pools are cool. New property owners want a pool in their home, whether that be to stay healthy or for simple fun and leisure.

Swimming pools are an excellent addition to the family home too. An early familiarity with water can be quite soothing and enjoyable for young children. Whether your child has aspirations to be the next Gold Olympic Swimmer like Francesca Halsall or not, keeping a healthy family is made a lot easier when there are activities available in your own home.

Outdoor Swimming Pools for the Garden

have-a-summer-pool-party-with-products-for-poolsOutdoor pools aren’t just refreshingly cool during those sunny days, they’re also the centrepiece of any summer party. If you really want to make a splash this summer, check-out our online store to see the many above and below ground-level garden Swimming Pools Kits we have available.

At Products for Pools, we have a wide variety of swimming pool kits to choose from. Our range of items can be viewed at our Products for Pools online store. We offer many home pool related services including bespoke planned preventative services contracts, competitive reactive call-out rates, room refurbishments, installations, water analysis, advice on energy saving products and we can even provide qualified divers to carry out underwater inspections and repairs.

Tips for a Cool Blue Pool

There are many ways to keep an outdoor swimming pool pristine clean, year after year. If you look after your swimming pool, it will look after you.

  1. Clean the Area before removing the Cover
    Remember to keep the pool cover over the pool until the area around it is free from fallen leaves and other debris. A clean area around the pool is important for many safety reasons, free from potentially dangerous items like glassware and electronics.
  2. Winterize Your Pool
    Properly winterized pools can easily be reopened when the swimming season begins.
    Whether you should winterize your pool or not, depends on the severity of the weather conditions in your area. If temperatures drop regularly below freezing, then you’d better to take steps to ensure your pool stays healthy. Residual pool water left in Pipes can freeze and cause damage if water is left inside them. Using an air compressor to blow out the pool’s excess water when the swimming season is over.
  3. Supercholorinate the Water when it’s needed
    It’s important that you read the manufacturers’ instructions before superchlorinating your pool.
    It is necessary to superchlorinate the water back to normal chlorine levels as the smell of chlorine becomes more potent the longer it’s left. Some pools should be superchlorinated once a week, while some can go for a significantly longer time.
  4. Check and Maintain the Water Level
    If the Water Level drops below the recommended level it could damage the pump, you can use a garden hose to raise it up to safe levels. You will lose water naturally during the swimming season due to splashing and evaporation. It’s also a good idea to check for any leaks if the Water Level seems to be lower than usual.
  5. Brush the Tile Walls & Vacuum the Pool
    You should vacuum your pool weekly, this will keep your water clear and you will save money on the amount of chemicals you need to put into to it. Products for Pools online store sells various Care & Maintenance products that can help you with this.
    Remember to check the Water level and Filter whenever you vacuum, cleaning it if necessary.
  6. Clean the Pool Filter
    Whilst different Pool Filters have different maintenance procedures, the common denominator is they need to be cleaned periodically. Dirt can build up over time, it is important to clean the pool filters at least once a year, don’t let the filter get too dirty.
  7. Maintain the pH Level
    Make sure that the Pool water is tested regularly to ensure it’s clean and healthy. Get a testing kit to monitor your pool’s pH level, using test-strips give an instant result that you can use to compare against a color chart to find the pool’s pH level. You need to know this information to accurately assess how much chemicals your pool needs.

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