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Products for Pools provide Parts for Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas and Spas not just in the United Kingdom, but throughout Europe too. We have a wide selection of Parts for Pools available to view through our online store.
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What Parts do you need for a Pool or Hot Tub?

You will need some Parts for a home Swimming Pool to function effectively. Parts like a Filter, a Pump and a Skimmer – like the one in the video. This isn’t everything you’ll need, there are also other items to consider whilst taking Health and Safety into account.

Ladders for example, they’re essential for people to conveniently climb in and out of a pool. Granted, with or without a ladder your Pool will no doubt function without any problems, but Health and Safety is no longer an option to dismiss for any domestic pool owner. There are certainly many considerations to take into account if your thinking of installing a Swimming Pool in your own home.

Pool Maintaince expert MD Alan Jackson ensures that only top quality products that pass the necessary Health and Safety recommendations are available through our online store. Products that he himself would personally use and recommend. That being said, you can be sure to find all that you need for your home or garden swimming pool at Products for Pools.

So what Parts for Pools do I need?

In order for your pool to function properly, you’ll need one of each item type below. As we also provide each essential type needed, we’ve shown you an example for each part from our extensive range on the Products4Pools.co.uk website below.

Parts for Pools in England and Europe

The Waterco BH5000 Swimming Pool Pump from Products for Pools.

Pumps for Pools

Waterco BH5000 Pump

The Waterco BH5000 Swimming Pool Pump is available through our online store. Click the image for more information.

The Pump is considered to be one of the main parts of a swimming pool. Its purpose is to circulate the water which enables the filtering to take effect, cleaning out any unwanted elements and mixing the added chemicals.

Eco Water Filter for Home Pools by Waterco

Filters for Pools

Waterco Eco Filter

The Waterco Eco Mount Swimming Pool Filter is one of the top quality filters available to buy at our online store. Click the image to find out more.

The Filter is critical for preventing the water from becoming contiminated. Filtration systems remove the dirt and cleanse the water. Quality filters like the Waterco Eco Mount have hydraulically balanced laterals for maximum water flow and filtration.

Certikin Skimmers for Pools from Products for Pools

Skimmers for Pools

Certikin Skimmer

The best skimmers on the market like this Certikin Skimmer, can handle up to 1,800 gallons of water an hour.

A skimmer takes its water from the top of the pool’s surface, collecting debris like fallen leaves. The taken water and debris is transferred via the drains to a grid filter, which prevents the leaves from continuing on to the sewer.

Pipes for Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs throughout England, Great Britain and Europe.

Pipes for Pools

Pipework and Fittings

We have only top quality pipes and some of the best fittings available for your drainage system, click the image to find out more on our online store.

One thing you need for any domestic indoor or outdoor underground Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Spa, is a fully functional water drainage system. Our Pipes for Pools come in two diameters, 50mm and 63mm, and in 25 metre lengths.

Swimming Pools Parts Coverage in England

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