We have lots of Accessories for Pools

Products for Pools have lots of Accessories for your Home/Garden Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna or Spa. We are always on the lookout for the latest must have accessories that can add to the immersive feeling you get while relaxing, either in the water, on the water or poolside.
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Accessories for Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.

Some of the accessories we have available include: Steps, Covers, Slides, Lifts, Hand Towel Rails, Metal Safety Rails, Digital Wireless Thermometers, Floating Thermometers, Maintenance Kits, Retrofit Solar Lights, Spa Side Umbrellas, Caddies, Pillows, Water Fountains, Water Faucets, Safety Floats, Toy Pool Floats, Waterproof Gameboards (like Battleship) and Water-Proof Playing Cards.
Pool Noodles for Pools are great for first time swimmers

There may be plenty of fun and games to be had in your pool without any additional accessories, but why stop there. Why not add to the enjoyment with fun safety floaters like the Swimming Pool Noodles we have available. These colourful multi-use handy bars of foam are great for new swimmers to grab hold off while they’re learning to swim.

As well as fun, quirky accessories for your pool, we also have some accessories that are essential for some people. Like the ‘Splash Lift’ seen below.

About the Accessories for Pools

We are constantly scouring the market for top quality products for Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas and Spas that can add to our already extensive catalogue. We ensure that all of the accessories we sell are sourced from reputable companies. Visit Products4Pools.co.uk for more details.

Parts for Pools in England and Europe

Splash Swimming Pool Lift and accessories.

Lifts for Pools

Splash Pool Lift

The Splash Swimming Pool Lift supports up to 181kg and is available through our online store. Click to find out more!

Splash! is a removable aquatic lift that requires a square deck anchor. The Splash Pool Lift comes with a Battery with Cover, Charger, Waterproof Control, stainless steel Anchor Socket with Cover, Footrest and Seatbelt.

Lifebouy for Pools - Poolside Safety accessories.

Lifebouy for Pools

Poolside Lifebouy

This Poolside Lifebouy is a must have safety accessory for any sized pool. Click the image to go to our online store!

Safety is paramount, failing to take pool safety seriously is not only a foolish cause, but a dangerous one too! With this in mind Products for Pools have this Lifebuoy that will help with whatever the situation.

Swimming Pool Noodles and Connectors.

Floats for Pools

Pool Noodles

Swimming Pool Noodles and Connectors are available to buy at our online store. Click the image to find out more!

Our Swimming Pool Noodles are solid centered, unlike other versions available. They’re great fun and ideal for partitioning parts of the pool – when used with the Pool Noodle Connectors which can also be found on our store.

Barbados Rainbow Double Hammock - Poolside Accessories.

Poolside Hammocks

Barbados Hammock

The Barbados Rainbow Double Hammock is available through our online store. Click the Hammock to view the range!

Hang-out in style with this Barbados Hammock. If your not floating on the pool, hanging poolside is the next best thing. Lean back and enjoy the tight comfort feel from any one of our Poolside Hammocks in store.

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