Marquis Hot Tubs & Spas

Our Marquis Hot Tubs & Spas will look and feel amazing in your home or garden. Used for pleasure, leisure, Health, Fitness and Exercise. These heat jet-action tubs are extremely well made and are a must have for anyone looking to stay in shape or with muscular difficulties.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between a Spa, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi and a Whirlpool?

Basically, a ‘Spa’ whilst also meaning a mineral spring or a resort, is a term used to describe any number of heated, jet action water-filled tubs. Most Spas like our Marquis Spas are made from either fiberglass or acrylic, which provide a longer life span for the Spa. A Hot Tub like our Marquis Hot Tubs are similar to Spas, but they are made mainly from wood and usually comes with a liner on the inside.

The fore-runner for all of the above were the first Whirlpool tubs, which were first introduced to the USA in the 1960’s and were an instant success. The main manufacturer at that time was a company called ‘Jacuzzi’, they were so popular that like the ‘Hoover’ vacuum company in the UK, became synonymous with the product themselves. This was true for any water jet action filled tub, with a whirlpool or not.
After they released the ‘Spa Whirlpool’ in 1968, people also referred to Jacuzzis as Spas.

Hot Tubs from Products for Pools

an-indoor-swimming-pool-overlooking-the-gardenProducts for Pools provide servicing, repairs and spare parts for our Hot Tubs. If you’re looking for a quality Hot Tub for your home or garden, then look no further. Marquis Hot Tubs are of the finest quality on the market today. As you can see from the video above, they are both strong and durable against various climate conditions and general wear and tear.

A well made Hot Tub will give you years of pleasure. There’s nothing quite like a warm jet action tub to wind down the daily grind. It’s moments like these that you’ll begin to treasure if you are ever fortunate enough to own one. You can check out the range of Hot Tub Spas we have available at the Products4Pools online store.

Spas from Products for Pools

have-a-summer-pool-party-with-products-for-poolsIf you fancy yourself as a bit of a DIY expert, we have Spas shells that are delivered to your door. We have the best Spas to choose from, Top Quality British made Spas like the 2.3 metre Antigua Octagonal Overflow Spa. Our Marquis Spa range is very special indeed, take a look at the video above for a better understanding of what’s on offer at Products for Pools.

If you’re after something quite enormous, the 3 metre Martinique Spa (Pictured Featured) may be just for you. Complete with support legs, this spa fits up to 9 people inside and is suitable for home and commercial installations. Finished with Waxman Harmonie mosaic tiles, the final design choice is yours. Take a trip to our store and you’ll see an array of operating and control equipment that we can also provide you with.

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