The Garden Swimming Pool Craze Splashing the UK in the Summer of 2019

Our Lowest Price Home Garden Swimming Pool

Get ready for the Summer of 2019. Envisage the heat wave upon us now, an ice pop is melting in your hand, you’re exhausted from the constant beaming rays. You tip-toe hurriedly across the garden path – scolding your feet on the sun cracking flags to get to your oasis at the bottom of the garden.
Intex Pools for the home garden

Yes, you thought ahead, you were one of the fortunate who foreseen the new craze of 2015 as it was taking shape. You bought the ‘Intex Garden Metal Frame Pool’ before they’d all been swept off the shelves. Let’s party!

Ok, it may take some imagination given the current state of the weather, but the facts remain the same.

The 15 foot by 48 Inch Metal Frame Pool Set from Intex could be making its way to your garden this summer! As outdoor garden pools go, they don’t come much cheaper or easier to build than this. No tools are needed to erect the above ground garden pool. The easy to assemble Intex pool will be ready to use that same day and you can even pack it up after you’ve finished. It’s that simple and really cheap.

  • Rust-resistant, galvanized Steel Frames that are both strong and durable for years to come.
  • The sidewalls are triple strong SUPER-TOUGH™ laminated separate layers of material making them extra strong and durable.
  • Easy to set-up, no tools needed.
  • Products for Pools cheapest home garden swimming pool.
  • A drainage plug is attached which conveniently connects to your garden hose for easy drainage.
  • Product comes with a ‘Set-up and Maintenance’ DVD.
  • Age Grading rating for 6+ Years
  • The outdoor Intex Pool is 15 foot by 48 Inches and weighs in at 152.01 lbs.

Can’t afford a Swimming Pool for your garden, think again!

If you’re considering a new addition to the garden this year, a swimming pool may be the thing for you. Swimming pools first became popular in Britain during the 1800’s, never before have such top quality home garden swimming pools been available in the UK for so little cost. Previously preserved for the rich, you may have asked yourself in the past; Can I afford a swimming pool for my garden? Well now the answer to that question may very well be Yes! So go on, treat yourself, treat your family, have fun in the sun this summer.

The easy to assemble Intex Outdoor Swimming Pool

An Intex Swimming Pool built from the ground up



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