Swimming Pool Installation & Maintenance Guide

6th December 2012 | Posted in Blog, Safety Info, Swimming Pools

No longer the preserve of the rich and famous; recent swimming pool innovation and design has made owning your own swimming pool an affordable luxury! You’ll still be the envy of your neighbours and very popular with your friends though…! Above ground swimming pool kits are only a quarter of the price of similar sized in ground swimming pools so they bring all the benefits of an in ground pool for a fraction of the cost! Read more →


Products4Pools Swimming Pool & Spa Safety Guide

6th June 2012 | Posted in Blog, Marquis Spas, Swimming Pools

Although at times it feels like the world has gone health and safety mad and any fun seems to be subject to a risk assessment, when it comes to swimming pool safety you really can’t be too careful. Most swimming pool safety measures are common sense but whether you are thinking of installing an above ground swimming pool for the first time or you have had a swimming pool for a while, the following checklist could make a life saving difference: Read more →


Products4Pools Swimming Kit Development Guide

6th June 2012 | Posted in Blog, Swimming Pools

It is often said that the best way for swimmers to optimise their performance is to swim naked and until the middle of 19th century, that’s exactly what most people did! The following brief history of swimming attire will make you appreciate the benefits of modern technology when you next dive into a swimming pool or relax in the spa, sauna or steam room. Read more →


The Development Of Swimming Strokes

6th June 2012 | Posted in Blog, Swimming, Swimming Pools

Thanks to ongoing innovation and scientific research, swimmers are getting ever faster and word record times are common place in big competitions. Although John Trudgen introduced front crawl with a scissor kick to Britain in 1873, front crawl with the more efficient flutter kick was first seen in a swimming race held in London in 1844, where the Americans easily defeated the British breaststroke swimmers. Read more →